Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

BIOLOGY: Weight: 300g. / Length: 200-250mm. / Colour: Greyish brown / Droppings: Pointed capsules, 20mm long. Sight: Poor.

HABITS / HABITAT: Lives in outdoors and in sewers. Nests in burrows. Range around 50 meters. Good climber, swimmer and digger. Omnivorous. Eats 30g a day.Populations growing in number. Life span: 1.5 years. Sexual maturity: 2-3 months. Litter size: 8-10. Max.7 litters a year.

Black Rat

Black Rat (Rattus rattus)

BIOLOGY: Weight: 200g. / Length: 150-220mm. / Colour: Black / dark grey. / Droppings: Spindle / banana shaped, 12mm long. Sight: Poor.

HABITS / HABITAT: Far less common than the Brown Rat. Populate only a few Dockland areas in the UK. Nests in building cavities and trees. Does not burrow. Rarely found in sewers. Agile climber. Eats mainly fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables. Range 30 meters.

LIFE CYCLE: Life span: 1 year. Sexual maturity: 2-3 months. Litter size: 6-10. Max.6 litters a year.

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House Mouse (Mus domesticus)

BIOLOGY: Weight: 15g. / Length: 60-90mm. / Colour: Brownish grey. / Droppings: Rod shaped, 3-6mm long. / Sight: Poor.

HABITS / HABITAT: Lives in / outdoors. Sometimes burrows. Prefers to nest in stored materials. Climbs. Erratic in habit. Prefers to eat cereals. Consumes 3g a day. Unlike Rats can survive with very little water. Range 1.5-5 metres.

LIFE CYCLE: Life span: 9-12 months. Sexual maturity: 6 weeks. Litter size: 5-6. Max.8 litters per year.

House Mouse

Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

BIOLOGY: Weight: 350-800g. / Colour: Winter -Grey. Summer -Grey/brown. / Droppings: Similar to Brown Rats. Sight: Good.

HABITS / HABITAT: Woodlands and Parks. Live in nests called Dreys. Summer Dreys in branches. Breeding and Winter Dreys in tree hollows or Attic spaces. Eats nuts, seeds, berries, vegetation, bird eggs and chicks.Damage to tree bark greatest from May to July. Do not hibernate.

LIFE CYCLE: Life span: 3-4 years. Sexual maturity: 1 year. Gestation Period: 6 weeks. Litter size: 2-4. Max.2 litters per year. Breeding season: March / April or June / July (Occasionally both).

N.B. Average figures shown for all of above.

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