EUROPEAN MOLE (Talpa europea)

Weight: 100g. Length: 15cm . Senses: Acute sense of smell. Sight: Can detect light only.

Habits / Habitat: Grassland, deciduous woodland and gardens. Create tunnel systems that can cover 0.25- 4 acres in area. Systems include, -tunnels, about 30-60cm below the surface and raised temporary surface feeding runs. The Mole can excavate up to 100m of tunnel a day and move 10lbs of earth in 20 minutes. Mole hills from burrowed tunnel routes. Damage left from surface feeding runs. Moles rest and eat in intervals day and night. They eat worms and grubs and consume up to 100% of their body weight each day. They usually make a sleeping chamber under trees or hedges where the roots protect them. They are excellent swimmers and occasionally go above ground. The Moles natural predator is the Weasel. Moles are solitary, territorial animals, but sometimes moles territories can overlap with an others. When a Mole dies or vacates its tunnel system it is common after a time for a new one to move in.

Life span : 3-5 years. Sexual maturity : 1 Year Litter size: 3-4. Breeding season: Feb-June. One litter per year

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